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“When Did Fitness Become Unhealthy?” Guest Post: Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Ladies, Miss Strong is excited to bring you a very genuine and heartfelt message, written by an empowering, beautiful woman in the fitness industry. Rachel Elizabeth Murray is a celebrity fitness personality, Hollywood trainer, model, actress, physique athlete, and a host of numerous seminars and a well known bootcamp in LA called “Un-Bootcamp.” She’s appeared on the covers of the top fitness… Read more →

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Miss Strong Meets Mizzfit: Interview with Celeb Bianca Jade

She started out hitting the gym after work. She moved on to creating a large fitness metropolis, known as Mizzfit. We introduce Bianca Jade. Think HOT fashion, HOT new trends, and HOT fitness, all combined into one. Mizzfit has made on appearance on national TV news shows like Fox News and the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, has… Read more →

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Fit On the Gold Coast: CrossFit Interview with Revie Jane Schulz

Ever heard the saying, “Girls belong with iron?” They most definitely do, and we’re talking barbells and metal. Revie Schulz isn’t just a beautiful Australian bombshell CrossFit athlete, an avid competitive triathlete and an ambassador for Lululemon…she’s also the 23-year-old owner and head coach of well-known gym CrossFit Babes Miami; the one and only all women’s hot (and hot pink!)… Read more →


Let Them Eat Cake

You’re in the grocery store, shopping for your diet for the next upcoming week. You’ve already hit up the produce section and picked out some really green foods to throw into your cart. You turn the corner and make your way towards the seafood section…you decide that tomorrow night you’ll cook some fish with vegetables. Yea…that’ll be healthy. While walking… Read more →


ABS that ABSolutely KILL

Summer is almost here! So as the summer heat approaches…what about yours? Basically 2 things are happening to the girls reading this right now. The first thing is, that you’re all super excited about tanning, going to the pool, getting to wear crop tops, and staying out late with friends. The second thing, is that you’re panicking about wearing those… Read more →

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Get Purely Inspired

Inspired: adjective. Of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse Infused with divine influence Something delicious (-Miss Strong) Get Purely Inspired. A couple weeks ago, a Plant-based protein company, Purely Inspired reached out to me and sent me a wonderful selection of their protein powders to experiment with in the Miss Strong kitchen. As everyone knows, we… Read more →


Deadly Lips: Literally

Sometimes…more than sometimes, when we find ourselves at the store in need of something…like food, and we happen to pass by the cosmetics aisle. We glance down at the endless of rows of shiny, colorful packages of different types of makeup (and men, if you’re reading this, that’s ok.) They’re all displayed so perfectly, beckoning our name. We walk down… Read more →


Cause Vday is ME DAY: Loving Yourself First

Valentine’s Day. That’s right, we all know it’s today. A holiday centered around getting chocolates, flowers, cards and let’s be honest…just good old fashioned plain lovin’ and cuddles from “that special someone.” Valentine’s day is a day mainly set aside in our society for relationships, smiles, kisses, hand holding, hugs, surprises, candlelit dinner dates, long walks along the beach, and red… Read more →


Hey Girl, You Look Stunning With Chipmunk Cheeks!

You’re between the wonderfully promising age of about 17-21, and right in the middle of having the best time of your life. You’re either almost done with high school or in the midst of college, and life couldn’t be  easier…sure, you sometimes remember that you have some hard exams and papers due at school, but really, you could care less.… Read more →

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You Eat That Chocolate Muffin: Our Top 20 Post-Workout Foods

and after throwing away the remnants (although there probably weren’t any) you grabbed your gym bag and made an aggressive B line for the gym, determined to burn off all the calories you just consumed. You’re regretting it. You’re guilty. You’re hating life right now. Now you’re on the elliptical machine, going crazy, music blasting. You’re looking at the “calories… Read more →

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Dear 20 Year Old Me: Zen Barbell Writes For Miss Strong

This week, Miss Strong wants to introduce Zen Barbell at www.zenbarbell.com, a blog devoted to “freeing your mind and strengthening your body.” Kara Silva, the writer and creator, is a Crossfit coach, a personal trainer, and a nutrition consultant. She’s created a “30 Days to Stop Hating Your Body Program” and discusses what she’s learned from past experiences, struggles and… Read more →


She Lifts Like A Girl: Podcast Interview with Nia Shanks

  Nia Shanks. She’s strong. She’s beautiful. She’s real. She’s empowering. She lifts like a girl. This is our first podcast for the Miss Strong interview series, and today we want to introduce you to Nia Shanks. Nia is the creator of the website Lift Like A Girl and leader of the Beautiful Badass revolution, and was also recognized as… Read more →

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Let’s Celebrate Fitness. Let’s TrainHard.

LET’S CELEBRATE FITNESS! LET’S CELEBRATE YOU! All around the world, people love fashion and fitness. Those neon bright Nike shoes that we may choose to wear while lifting reflects apart of our personalities, just as the jewelry that we choose to wear around our neck reflects certain things in life that we find personally meaningful. Sometimes a necklace, or a… Read more →

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Namaste The Croatian Way: Interview With Yogi Karla Tafra

From her original home in Croatia to the beautiful coastline of Malaga, Spain, Karla Tafra has quickly become a beautiful yogi, not only for her well known Instagram poses and crazy vibrant leggings, but also for her well balanced lifestyle and beautiful ambition. A yogi by day and a law student by night, Karla proves that life is limitless, and… Read more →

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Off the Red Carpet, Onto the Fit Solution: Vanessa Ortega Interview

We all want to uncover the real fit solution, and discover how we can stay fit and healthy for good. This week for The Miss Strong Interview section, we bring you the lovely, brilliant and ambitious Vanessa Ortega, and her Fit Solution! Vanessa has served as an on camera host for numerous projects including The Realty Minute, X Fan TV, and… Read more →


Paleo Coconut Pancakes With Sweet Plantains

…..Yes. we know. You saw the title, and clicked on the recipe. We did too. Thanks to the lovely Courtney Prather over at Fitness Life Adventure (http://www.fitnesslifeadventure.com) your lazy-sunday-pancake mornings just got a whole lot better. Just kidding…every single morning of the week just got a whole lot better. Courtney has inspired many in the gym and fitness industry, and… Read more →

Photographer Hayden Nickell

Cliffs and Lines: Slackliner Heather Larsen Interview

What do you get when you combine very high cliffs, a thin slackline, and a very determined young woman? Slacklining, a sport that has recently gained increasing popularity throughout the world, requires large amounts of balance, focus, practice and motivation. There are many different types; highlining between cliffs, longlining on long lines, and performing tricks and flips. Although this relatively… Read more →


To Bean, or Not To Bean

COFFEE…a controversial topic discussed in kitchens among friends, and global health magazines among praised fitness gurus. Is it bad to indulge in a cup of caffeinated love every morning? Wait…”a cup?” Just kidding…usually, one morning cup turns into a must-have-much-needed four mugs by the afternoon. With the amount that we need to get done everyday, we also have an overwhelming… Read more →


This is a quick video that we wanted to post for your weekend motivation for every girl, everywhere. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what sport you play, where you live, how short or tall you are, or how you like to wear your hair. You can be a model who likes to dunk, the girl on the all boys team, or the woman who is doing something that others have not done yet.”People aren’t used to women being so passionate. It scares them. One day I decided that I didn’t care what people thought. Someone’s gotta be the best…..so why not me?” Girls, go out and make things happen. You are powerful, you are beautiful, and you are passionate. Here’s to the weekend, here’s to being strong and fearless, and most importantly. Here’s to you. You are a woman, and you are going to get great things done. -Miss Strong

Video credit: “Voices” by NikeWomen


Passport to: Worst and Weirdest DIET Fads on our Planet..Plus Some Incredibly Illegal Foods

A lot of people seemed to love our reflection of the absolute WORST fitness trends of 2013, so we’ve decided to touch base on another shockingly explicit list…the worst global diet choices. Our online fitness community and audience has taken a broad leap and now includes viewers from countries like Kenya, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, Vietnam, Trinidad and Tobago, Korea…so let’s… Read more →


Livin Young, Wild and Stressed: A Guide to Eating Well During Final Exams

I look over. We’re in the middle of finals week in college and my friend is living off Cold Stone ice cream cups and cold breakfast pizza. Printers and computers are on blast and eyes are as big as saucers in the library, cramming test notes, taking Adderall like tic-tacs and pounding down red bull. People have set up camp… Read more →


“You Are What You Eat…And What You Don’t.” Eat Vega!

“YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, AND WHAT YOU DON’T. EAT VEGA.” We all love smoothies and protein shakes, and there are endless recipes and combinations for different blends and creative flavors for your blender. Although whole foods should be mostly eaten for good health and nutrition, protein shakes can be a great option for supplementation, additional nutrients, convenience, and a… Read more →

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Got Crazy? Bacon, Date and Chocolate Chip Cookies

GOT BACON!? Ok okay….so the name is kind of scary. Alright so…the name is really scary. You see bacon in a title of a cookie recipe and want to run away, fast. But we promise you…these are probably our favorite cookies, completely clean, and absolutely delicious. Leala ate five after making a batch…meaning they were incredible! These cookies are Paleo,… Read more →

Letting Beauty Speak Up…Your Body Will Follow

This video happens to be about CrossFit and based on women competing in the CrossFit games, yet applies to any sport, and any athlete. You may be a basketball player, a swimmer, a tennis player, a biker…but the most beautiful message Miss Strong wants you to take away (besides the fact that this video shows beautiful, strong women) is that we see “beauty” and “hotness” as a physical thing. We look at someone’s body and if they have the right amount of muscle or little fat, we think that they are in shape, and beautiful, and perfect. Beauty is not the muscle on the exterior, but the drive and the pure passion that lies within. Train hard because you love it, and your body will follow.